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IJRD is a Non-Profit junior roller derby organization which provides a fun-filled environment focused on teaching the fundamentals of leadership, character, along with skating, and putting those skills to good use while learning the sport of roller derby.

Roller derby is not just a sport; it’s a full-blown spectacle that blends athleticism, strategy, and a whole lot of attitude. Picture this: skaters racing around an oval track, jostling for position, and delivering hits that’ll leave you breathless. It’s the ultimate adrenaline rush with a side of camaraderie and fierce competition.

Join IJRD for our Summer Skate'n Skills boot Camp!

Are you ready to roll into action? Lace up your skates and join the Indianapolis Junior Roller Derby for an exhilarating Roller Skating Boot Camp!

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned skater, our program is designed to improve your skills, boost your confidence, and have a blast on wheels!

What to Expect:

  • Expert Coaching: Learn from experienced instructors dedicated to helping you reach your skating goals.
  • Skill Development: From basic techniques to advanced maneuvers, we’ll cover it all!
  • Fun Atmosphere: Enjoy a supportive and encouraging environment where everyone is welcome.

Two weeks of action-
July 15,17,19
July 22,24,26

    Last Bout

    Killer Bees

    Kalamazoo, MI



    Indianapolis, IN

    Next Bout

    Away Bout

    IJRD vs Cincinnati

    Cincinnati, Ohio

    Bout starts in:


    Join the Revolution

    Epic Jams and Blocker Slams

    YEARS Skating

    IJRD accepts skaters ages 7 to 17. Our skaters range from beginners who may have only been on skates a few times to world-class junior derby athletes. Our volunteer coaches work with skaters and help them to learn and improve at their own pace. 

    IJRD skaters train hard, have fun, respect their teammates and coaches, and love the sport of roller derby. Our Varsity and JV teams compete both inside and outside the state of Indiana. As skaters improve, their skills and knowledge of the sport will be assessed by the coaches. The athletic committee will select skaters for the JV and Varsity teams based on their knowledge, skills, teamwork, and dedication. Transfer skaters will also be assessed by the athletic committee upon joining to determine the appropriate level for each skater.

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